Privacy Policies

In compliance with the Constitutional Law 15/1999, the 13 of December, on Personal Data Protection, (from here out Garfios Biak) informs that:

1. Any personal information given on the website (owned by Garfios Biak) will be included into files owned by Garfios Biak. The purpose of said files corresponds to administration including the management of the existing liaison between these files and Garfios Biak in a personalised manner, the management of inquiries made about events activities and services offered by Garfios Biak, and the management of the development of said files. In as much, Garfios Biak will handle this information to manage inquiries received via the website by way of the users and will send publicity and information. The final purpose being commercial and sales related, by means of email or text messaging, to the users, about the entity, its activities, products, services, offers and special promotions, as well as documentation about different topics and by different means and could consist in automatic assessments, obtaining profiles and segmenting tasks of said users. This will be based on the information given by said users and being obtained through the website or other appropriate media, in order to personalise the treatment conforming to its characteristics and needs. The handling of this data with this end will last as long as any relationship with Garfios Biak lasts, and can endure after the termination of said relationship.

2. You guarantee that the given information is true, exact, complete, and up to date, being, therefore,responsible for any harm or prejudice, direct or implied that could result as a consequence of not complying with this obligation. In the case that the provided information result in belonging to a third party, you guarantee that you have informed said party of the aspects of the content of this policy and obtained their authorisation in order to facilitate this information to Garfios Biak in order to complete the before mentioned end.

3. Once the personal information has been compiled by way of the form, it will be necessary to provide the required information, signalled by asterisks, as such, if this data, priorly considered necessary, is not given, Garfios Biak will not be able to accept nor manage the web service nor the submitted enquiry.

4. In response to the concern Garfios Biak has to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of its data, levels of required security for personal data protection have been put in place and technical means have been installed within reach in order to avoid the loss, the misuse, the alteration, the unauthorised access and the theft of personal information given through

5. Garfios Biak may use cookies on its website, only in order to optimise and personalise your navigation around the website, and Garfios Biak will not save in its own personal systems any data, information or personal profiles used in your navigation around its website.

6. In order to exercise your right to access, correct, cancel and oppose your information, you may write an email with the subject <> to the following email: