Who we are

Garfios Biak SLL was established with the objective of manufacturing and marketing all kinds of wire products. We are a company linked to the sector mechanical metal wires and their derivatives, maintaining a constant pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction and fair prices.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of products for sectors as diverse as:

  • Agricultural: Staples, pins, rods, sockets for arbor
  • Construction: Tips, tip hooks, spikes tip, threaded rod
  • Hardware: Cup screw, open sockets, hooks, eye bolt metric threads, latches, threaded sockets metric, S hooks, ham socket
  • Decorations: curtain hooks, curtain rings, trims, hooks pin
  • Electric and telephone: Rush hooks, threaded sockets metric, special hooks, pieces under plane


Our Manufacturing Process

We have automatic machinery for the production of our products. Starting from a coil of wire, shaping machines automatically threads parts, finishes out, failing to give the coating chosen by our customers. The usual stuff of our products is a mild steel for cold stamping, although low order also work with brass, iron or stainless steel. The usual coatings are zinc, brazing or epoxy.

We offer our range of products in both bulk and packaged and labeled in small boxes, in addition to having a service bagging both own products and for our customers .